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My First Blog Entry

January 21, 2017

Just launched the new website,

Updating the Availability Calendar

January 28, 2017

Updating the DJ calendar.  I closed on 2 events during this weekend.  I'm working on other events that should be closed on soon. 

What I'm up to today

January 29 2017

Working on some ideas in the studio.  I'm feeling Pop and Rock tracks. 

Take it from me!

January 30 2017

Party people I have a tip for you.  Do not eat Twizzlers followed by an hour of Insanity workout...........  I'm cold, nauseated and sore. 

I won't be down for long.  Y'all take care!

DJ Ptch Blaq

Take it from me!

6 February 2017

Currently working on a mix track.  I made some promising connections last weekend. 

DJ Ptch Blaq

Back to Business

17 Feb 2017

One month of vacation now it's time to get back to work.  I'm getting ready for tomorrow evening's wedding.  I can't wait!  I have a few weeks after tonight for my next event back to back; Friday a college formal and Saturday a wedding. 

DJ Ptch Blaq

Great time!

19 Feb 2017

I had a great time at the wedding last night!  The crowd was hyped and charged!  Everyone was wonderful! 

DJ Ptch Blaq

Sorority Formal

3 March 2017

Getting ready to rock the collage campus tonight.  Show time starts at 7pm.

DJ Ptch Blaq

Calendar Year 2017

25 April  2017

Only a few open dates for 2017 bookings.  Book now to reserve your date.

DJ Ptch Blaq

Calendar Year 2017

11 May 2017

My last two weddings were very successful!  It's always a joy working with clients and sharing my love for music.  A few weeks brake in between my next event.  I have the privilege to DJ a 40th B-Day party; it's going to be a great welcome into the 40 Club!

DJ Ptch Blaq

A perfect stranger turned out to be an Angel

5 Aug 2017

On my way to DJ a wedding on 5 Aug 2017 my GPS quit working.  While trying to get to the event to setup I went in circles for a few hours.  I finally made it to the town but had no idea of which way to turn.  I pulled over to make a call to the event hall but my phone signal was too bad to get through.

I'm in the country pulled over on the road.  I tried to hail down someone who could possibly point me in the right direction.  4 vehicles passed by without stopping.  1 vehicle turned around to head back my way.  To my surprise it was a female driver who had compassion enough to assist me while the other 3 vehicles in which I noticed were males had no compassion to help. 

I like to thank Shannon for pulling over to help.  In this crazy world of dangerous people, she thought of someone else in need, she was a blessing!  Thank you Shannon, you were my Angle in a time of need.

DJ Ptch Blaq

It's been a while since my last blog

1 Dec 2017

Since it's been a few weeks since my last blog, I figured I write something while I have some time.  I've done several weddings and  birthday parties since August and I currently booked from now through April next year (2018). 

I'm getting ready for the Bridal Extravaganza in January in Austin, Texas.  I'll be in attendance meeting brides to be and other venders, I can't wait!

DJ Ptch Blaq

It's been a wonderful year, 2017!!!

24 Dec 2017

I completed my last wedding last night in College Station, Texas to close out the year. It was a great night!!!!

In a few weeks I'll be attending the wedding show in Austin, Texas on 6 & 7 January then get ready for bookings already scheduled on my 2018 calendar.

Thank you to all the newlyweds for the trust and opportunity to DJ your wedding and or reception in 2017! It was my pleasure!

Thanks to all birthday parties and school functions I've had the opportunity to DJ for in 2017! It was my pleasure!

I'm looking forward to new opportunities and experiences in 2018!

May everyone have a wonderful 2018 and beyond!

Best regards,


Groove Line Productions

The year is starting off strong!!!

20 Jan 2018

Your in the mix with DJ Ptch Blaq!

2018 calendar's bookings are going quickly, weddings, school festivals, shows, ets. I've started bookings already for 2019!

Best regards,


Groove Line Productions

Events for February 2018

1 Feb 2018

3 Feb: Wedding in Austin

9 Feb: Venue tour @ Cypress Falls Event Center

15 Feb: Venue tour @ Asante Lodging and Events

16 Feb: High School Evening Dance Party, Waco, Texas

17 Feb: Wedding in Fort Worth

18 Feb: Georgetown, Texas Bridal Show (setting up as a vendor)

25 Feb: Highland Bridal Show (setting up as a vendor)

Hope to see you when I can.

Best regards,


Groove Line Productions

March 3rd Wedding

8 March 2018

I was fortunate enough to DJ a wedding on 3 March 2018.  The reception for the evening was off the chain!  The dance floor was literally packed  all night long, nonstop.  Everyone was great, friendly and ready to dance.  We jammed to  Hip Hop, Latin, Country, Oldies and  Top 40.  Guest of all ages were celebrating with the bride and groom.  I really enjoy helping clients with their musical needs!

Best regards,


Groove Line Productions

Today's Question

21 March 2018

Today, I was asked a question. "Why did I start my DJ business"

This question was easy to answer. After years of producing music I needed to feed my love for music and revisited an old hobby. One day I thought to myself, I want a DJ company.

This idea started in San Antonio, Texas. A classmate and I were walking during PT (Army workout). We discovered we both produced music. During lunch one day we went to a music store, once in the store he went he went his way and I ventured off to the unknown. I found myself walking through the audio department's in the DJ area.

This equipment immediately caught my eye! I dabbled with DJing before but the modern equipment was better looking with all the knobs and lights compared to the equipment of yesterday. I stopped strolling when I came across a DJ controller.

I was memorized... Eyes open wide, lips quietly saying wow! On our way back to base I told my classmate, "I'm gonna start my own DJ company".

Today, my business is up and running. I'm venturing into a different aspect in the music business. Meeting new people, networking and playing music. It's not a job, It's a joy to DJ.